Welcome to Remedy Barre + Foam Rolling!

Healthkick members enjoy a generous discount on our introductory unlimited month of classes and our memberships. At Remedy Barre and Foam Rolling, the focus is on building strength without creating tension. We are proud of our seasoned instructors who create challenging programs that draw from ballet fundamentals, yoga, and Pilates to increase strength and enhance flexibility. Our barre classes include a 10-15 minute roll down. If you are craving more rolling, our Remedy Roll classes also offer participants the chance to slow down. These release-based classes focus on re-energizing tight muscles with self-massage foam rolling and fascial stretching.

We are conveniently located in Temescal. We are an independent, Bay Area native and female-owned business. We opened Remedy to provide a body-positive, totally chill and completely judgment free place to get a great workout coupled with restoration. Hope to see you in the studio soon!

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