Welcome to the Remedy Barre + Foam Rolling Blog!

We hope to fill this space with reflections, insights into our approach to fitness, and fun community vibes. For our inaugural post, I reflect on opening the studio and the profound impact a physical practice can have on supporting positive change.

Maggie and I had been dreaming about owning our own studio independently for years. When we started collaborating together about a year ago, we knew that we wanted to create a space where we would feel safe, supported and inspired. We knew it had to be beautiful and we knew we would need a ton of support from friends and family. We also knew it would change our lives.

During the week leading up to opening, the whole place was coated in construction dust and we stressed about meeting our opening deadline. While organized chaos was all around us, Maggie and I set up the studio, focusing on the one room we had the most confidence and expertise about how it needed to work. Once the studio was set up, many of our instructors taught practice classes while a crew sawed base boards, installed lights, and cut tile in the bathroom. It was in a practice Roll class that I experienced an overwhelming sensation that our lives would never be the same, that we had somehow succeeded in shifting the trajectory dramatically.

There are only a few moments like this in my life - when I felt the profound weight of my actions because they were fueled by intent and purpose. While I hope I can create more of them, I have come to understand that, in large part, this sense of purpose, this ability to set an intent, and the understanding that I can create change, is enmeshed in having a physical practice. Profound change usually takes time and is the aggregate of tiny little adjustments. We can feel it when we hold a plank and find greater shoulder stability when our lats and serratus activate. We can experience it when our glutes wake up from slumber and start propelling us forward. We know it when we surrender to gravity and comb through the tissues of our thighs to release tension in our knees and hips and lower back. These sweet little choices add up to big change in ourselves. When we can create change in ourselves, we begin to understand our personal power. We begin to realize that we have agency and autonomy. We can ask for what we need. We can go after what we want.  

A month after opening, the construction dust has been swept clear and our community is growing. Every day something changes and every day we learn. We continue to be inspired by our own practice and by the strength developing among our founding members. When we move with intent, we can see and feel the change faster. We become more efficient in our bodies and more clear in our minds. As we foster the power of change within ourselves, I cannot wait to witness the cascading effects it has on our community and our lives.

As our community continues to grow, we begin to feed off each other’s encouragement, commitment to selves and revel in the beauty that lives within each other. We're just getting started. How about you?